Snow Fence

Road safety in winter begins with complex measures on maintenance of roads and adjacent territories during the winter period. To ensure effective operation of transport vehicles on winter road there must be performed a set of snow-control measures. The most effective method is to prevent the formation of snow drifts by constructing stationary or temporary snow fence. 

To make these preventive works utterly simple and cheap PROTECT Company offers polymer snow-control fence D-50 and A-70. 

Plastic fence remains flexible and durable at sub-zero temperatures, and also resistant to strong wind.

Operational principle of Snow Fence PROTECT:

Snow-control barriers equipped with the net D-50 or A-70 reduce the wind speed and accumulate the mass of snow by their sides. This effect not only prevents snow from piling on the road but also makes snow plowing more comfortable.

Considerably reducing the wind speed PROTECT net contributes to lower snow drifts and easier cleaning the territory from snow.

Advantages of plastic snow fence:

  •  Design of the net is optimized for reducing the intensity of wind gusts
  • It provides the high level of snow retention effectiveness
  •  Remains unharmed under strong wind
  • Stays flexible at sub-zero temperatures
  • Durable
  • Doesn't block the view
  • Resistant to sun bleaching and insensible to ultraviolet destruction
  • Reusable
  • Easy installation

Installation tips:

Snow Fence PROTECT must be fixed to the poles at the height of 25 cm above ground level. Snow-control barrier should be 60 meters away from the edge of the carriageway. 

Snow Fence PROTECT can be used in:

  • roadways
  • driveways
  • parking lots
  •  construction sites
  • work, commercial and residential sites
  •  industrial facilities
  • runways
  • airports
  • also efficient as sand barrier
Unit type Trade name Color Width * length, m Mesh hole size, mm
1 piece D-50 Snow fence orange 1,2 * 20 50 * 50
1 piece  D-50 Snow fence orange 1,6 * 20 50 * 50
1 piece D-50 Snow fence black 1,2 * 20 50 * 50
1 piece D-50 Snow fence black 1,6 * 20 50 * 50
1 piece A-70 Snow fence orange 1,2 * 20 20 * 25