Mobile Safety Enclosure for Roadworks

We offer a unique product for arrangement of a temporary barrier around the place of road construction, spot repairs or parking lot.

This is the perfect solution for making safety fence for construction works not only at highways, but also in densely built-up urban areas with high traffic. 

Mobile safety enclosure PROTECT is a set of some traffic cones, plastic cone bars with reflective stripes and end capswith hooks. The construction features easy installation. It can be handled by a single person! There’s no need to hire a crew of professional workers. Besides, plastic is lightweight and the mobile safety enclosure set can be transported by an ordinary passenger car. 

Each set allows constructing 6 meter long barrier. 

Benefits of Mobile Safety Enclosure:

  •  Low price (if purchased separately, the goods would cost more);
  •  Usability;
  • Multiple use;
  • Easy installation;
  •  Comfortable transportation and storage;
  • Suitable for continuous use at sub-zero temperatures as well as at high temperatures.

Package contents:


Mobile safety enclosure PROTECT set consists of only 9 items (plus 8 fasteners for assembling):

1.       1.5-meter long plastic traffic cone bars with an outer diameter of 40 mm and three reflective stripes, to ensure better visibility in bad weather or at night-time – 4 pieces;

2.       520 mm high orange plastic traffic cones without collars, to give stability to the barrier – 5 pieces;

3.       hooked end caps, to provide firm fixation of cone bars on traffic cones – 8 pieces.

Mobile safety enclosure is quite an interesting solution for the arrangement of parking lot near a shopping mall or as a portable barrier to restrict car access to an office building.
Unit type Trade name Height, mm Diameter, mm Number of units in a package
Mobile Safety Enclosure
1 set Mobile safety enclosure (5 cones KC-2.2 Protect, 4 traffic cone bars with hooks)   1