Gutter Mesh

Gutter net PROTECT is a convenient solution for the protection of a rain gutter from dirt. Plastic net with fine mesh prevents clogging of roof drainage system caused by littered water, but doesn’t block the water flow.

Gutter net comes with the set of plastic ties for fixation. The net is supplied in 9 x 0.4 m pieces wound in rolls.

The material is easy to use. Unroll plastic net, measure the required length of the net equal to the length of a pipe, cut it off with an ordinary pair of scissors. Roll it up into a tube and fix with plastic ties. After that it’s quite enough to put this gutter guard into an eaves gutter. All litter will remain on the surface of the net and rain water will freely flow down from the roof.

Here are the benefits of plastic gutter guard: it’s rot and rust proof, lightweight and easy-to-use. Its installation doesn’t need assistance of a professional assembly worker.

Article Trade name Mesh hole shape Mesh hole size, mm Width * length, m Color Package

Net for gutter diamond 7*7 0,4*9 black roll (in LDPE film)