Garden Mesh

The wide range of plastic nets produced by PROTECT Company allows finding the most extraordinary solution for you landscape projects, including fencing a garden and decorating flowerbeds in a front yard.

To restrict access to your flowerbeds for small animals or shield your back yard from curious eyes of the neighbours you can use plastic fence.  We offer some kinds of such fencing, which vary in colour, shape of openings, height, production method; all of them performing their functions perfectly well. First of all they are meant to delineate the limits of your place, and then they contribute to the beauty of your garden, giving it more attractive look and adding to its comforts.

Benefits of Plastic Fencing Nets PROTECT:

  • for year-round use;
  • moisture resistance;
  •  a wide colour range;
  • easy installation;
  • rich choice of shapes of openings and fence sizes (different lengths and heights).

Besides, such fencing as F-60, can be used as a support for perennial climbing plants with heavy branches.

Article Trade name Mesh hole shape Mesh hole size, mm Width * length, m Color Package

Net for Flowerbed Fencing  7*7   10 m diamond 7*7 0,4*10 green, green, green roll (in LDPE film)
 Garden Netting 20*20   10m.  square  20*20  1 * 10  dark green, green, yellow, blue, grey, сlilac  

 Garden Netting 20*20   20m.  square  20*20  1 * 20  dark green, green, yellow, blue, grey, сlilac, brown  
 Garden Netting 20*20   10m.  square  20*20  1 * 20  black  

 Garden Netting 20*20   10m.  square  45*45 1 * 20  green, dark green  

Garden Netting 0.5 square 24*24 0,5*5 khaki-green roll (in LDPE film)

Garden Netting 0.5 square 24*24 0,5*10 khaki-green roll (in LDPE film)

Garden Netting 20*20   5 m square 20*20 1 * 5 khaki-green roll (in LDPE film)

Garden Netting  20*20   10 m square 20*20 1 * 10 khaki-green roll (in LDPE film)

Decorative Fence 5 m square / rectangle 45 1*5 khaki-green roll (in LDPE film)

Decorative Fence 10 m square / rectangle 45 1 * 10 khaki-green roll (in LDPE film)

Garden Netting 50*60 5 m square 50*60 1 * 5 green, khaki roll (in LDPE film)

Garden Netting 50*60  10 m square 50*60 1 * 10 green, khaki roll (in LDPE film)

Net for playground  24*24 8 m square 24*24 0,5*8 light blue, pink, yellow roll (in LDPE film)